General Advice

It is possible to keep water out of most properties provided they are of sound construction; first decide the differing ways in which it can gain entry – and then decide what mode of prevention you prefer to adopt.

All the information you need is on your computer (and if you or your family members do not have access to one the very helpful staff at the library will assist you).  Type Environment Agency – flood  in and you will be offered Prepare for flooding and then Prepare your property for flooding and onto the National Flood Forum – Blue Pages Directory.  If you are interested in any of the products check when it was tested for the Kitemark and to what width and depth of water it was it tested; check both pages of the Kitemark license; see if Product Failure Insurance is held and what guarantee is offered.  And of course is the system appropriate to your particular requirements. The National Flood Forum also shows examples of how people have made their homes more manageable in times of flood.

We are at risk of flooding at any time of the year so the best advice is to start planning today.

The National Flood Forum can be accessed directly on , 01299 403 055.

Tide Tables for 2019 are available Here


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