Wells Flood Action Plan – Non-Residents

Flooding Information for Wells Non-Residents (May 2022)
Mike and Marie Strong Joint Co-ordinators Wells Flood Action Plan

Sea Flooding: Suggestions to non-resident owners of property such as holiday homes, lets, airbnb, bed & breakfast, hotels, shops.

As well as being responsible for their property owners have a duty of care for those staying or working at the property.  Check: duty of care; insurance cover including flooding; flood defences.   Contact the Environment Agency (03459 88 11 88); ask if your property is at risk of flooding; register for Flood Warnings Direct (FWD) providing land line, mobile numbers and email address.   If not living in the property at risk ask to receive FWD for ‘area of special interest’ i.e. the property at risk.

Access flood defence information at www.environment-agency.gov.uk  following the links Prepare for flooding; Prepare your property for flooding; National Flood Forum – Blue Pages Directory (or search nationalfloodforum.org.uk/01299 403 055).

Ask those looking after your property to register for warnings; keep them informed as to who is staying or working at the property; ensure you and they have contact numbers to warn and inform visitors or staff.  Regularly check your flood defences and ensure you have arranged for someone to erect them.  Collate information for yourself, ‘caretaker’ and visitors – include information about tides and download local tide tables from Wells Town Council website wellstc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk together with copy of the designated evacuation centre route (Alderman Peel School).

Should you receive a Severe Flood Warning it will include reference to evacuation. A decision to evacuate will be a ‘multi-agency’ decision involving amongst others County and District Councils, EA, Police, Fire & Rescue and Coastguard.  If a decision is taken to evacuate Alderman Peel School will be opened.

The North Norfolk Police Flood Liaison Officer endorses the advice given above and emphases that anyone owning an ‘at risk property’ should ensure there is an evacuation plan accessible to anyone staying or working at the property.  He further emphases the need for owner/ occupants to listen to the agencies involved with evacuation and act accordingly as the agencies cannot guarantee anyone’s safety who ignores the advice given to evacuate.

The majority of property owners demonstrate good practice so we hope you will forgive us for making suggestions compiled in the light of our experience.  Finally we must emphasise that Wells has seven areas at risk and more homes at risk then any other community along this stretch of the coast.  Conversely our Flood Warden team is a very small group of local volunteers who only have the capacity to be tasked with warning and informing residents.

Mike and Marie Strong
Flood Warden Co-Ordinators

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